LOGO-ABAs soon as we started growing wine, we took some time to think about the use and relevance of chemicals in our vineyard. We worked on our wines in the so-called ” reasoned ” way during a few years, but soon decided that herbicides and pesticides were quite unnecessary. We therefore submitted ourselves to a very strict control as early as 1999, doing our best to meet the ” ECOCERT ” requirements (an independent body that guarantees we abide by organic agriculture). You thus may be certain that both our grapes and wines are organic.

Herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, as well as any synthetic plant-care product entering and modifying the vine, have been replaced by ploughing, treating the plants with organic products (sulphur and copper), powdering with clay and sea limestone and spraying with macerated horsetails, ferns and nettles.

Both our grapes and wines are organic !

CharteLogoVinBioFNIVAB100Besides, as soon as the “Charte de Vinification Bio FNIVAB” (Organic Wine Production Charter) was set up, we started growing wine in a way that rules out some processes. For instance, we have banned chaptalization, synthetic aroma, exogenous yeasts, clarification enzymes, meta-tartaric acid, and our wines are produced without any kind of input except So2, that we use at a very low level.